Welcome to yamflow.com


Welcome to Yamflow.com

Allow your LOVE to blossom and flow with YAM …

Sharing the Beauty of Healing Arts

Acroyoga, Hatha Yoga,  Dance  &  Thai massage

Discover the light and beauty within with the power of Bhakti Yoga

Surrender with true devotion and  you can come closer to the divinty within.

Looking forward to meet you,  connect and play with LOVE …


9 thoughts on “Welcome to yamflow.com

  1. Beautiful website, Yam! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of bhakti and asana practice with me at the Ashiyana YTTC. Your presence, encouragement and understanding have helped me immeasurably to deepen my practice. I can now share what you have taught me with others. I’m looking forward to seeing you again one day and hopefully attending one of your workshops…perhaps here in Dubai with me hosting you!

  2. Yam is one of the most loving yoga teachers I have ever met. She embraces all and you leave her classes and retreats with a warm heart. Yams Asana classes are flowing, almost like a combination of yoga and dance sometimes. And her bhakti sessions is a nice mixture of dance, chanting and healing. It doesn´t matter whether you attend her Asana classes or Bhakti, meeting Yam will make you uplifting in body, spirit and mind.

    I´m sooo happy to have met you, Yam!
    Keep flowing and loving 🙂


  3. Hi there sweet Yamuna,
    Always feel good remembering the teacher training in Goa, november 2010.
    You showed us the way of bhakti yoga in such a warm and creative way for everyont to open their hearts with ease. Pouring out your loving energy on all your students. Creating harmony and healing in all your classes for everyone to surrender to their inner self. You have been and are a great inspiration to many and I feel blessed our paths have crossed.

    Thank you my soul sister,
    from heart to heart, love Nouty

  4. Yamuna is an amazing woman who gives so much love to all she meets. She lives in pure devotion of sharing the light of her soul and the warmth of her heart with everyone.She is a wonderful inspiration of living yoga and being yoga. Yam channels divine feminine goddess energy into her classes, resulting in a flowing, graceful, intuitive practice, opening her students’ hearts, allowing them to find balance in all aspects of self. I always really enjoyed Yam’s classes during my stay at Ashiyana, and continue to practice many of the beautiful ceremonies and rituals she shared with our group. Thank you Yam for all you share! Keep shining your beautiful light! Love Jillian

  5. The retreat time in Italy with Yamuna while guiding us into Yoga Flow and Acroyoga was a joyful time ! A truly special teacher with tenderness and attention in her manner of sharing. Yamuna’s personality shines through while bring beauty and a humble touch in her teaching. Thank you for being you, sharing the inner radiance of happiness for living and loving in plenitude.

    with love and light
    Kamadevi Carla

  6. Yam, thank you so much for organizing the retreat in Ventimiglia. My first yoga experience has been great because of you . Thank you for introducing yoga into my life and making me want that it stays in my life.


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